Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How to Change Facebook FB Timeline view to the Old Version


How To Change / Changing to view Facebook Timeline Older Versions.
Maybe some people do not like the look of facebook timeline? yes if you are not one to visit this blog as I will explain about how to restore the look of facebook to the old version.

Facebook has been amended from time to time, including the matter of appearance. Some time ago kicked off with a feature Facebook Facebook Timeline and Open Graph. Although devoted to the developers, but ordinary users can sample the new look Facebook Timeline.

However, many users complain, look up the true sort Timeline posting user-created posts in chronological order of the times, it even resembles a blog. And among them want to return to the old.
Well, for those who want to try a new look Facebook Timeline, please continue reading.

But for those of you who want to return to the old Facebook, the following tips:

1) Please first login to your Facebook account in the usual way.
2) Then you go to
3) Then, the developer page, select the application you use to make up for the Timeline. Click       the edit menu.
4) At the bottom left column, click the remove application menu.
5) Then go to your Facebook profile, then refresh the page. Facebook will then look back to the old profile.

Indeed Facebook Timeline will be launched early October. However, due to legal issues Facebook stumble, artificial social networks fail to launch this Mark Zuckeberg.
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